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Elab Chemicals Ltd

Effective, Economical and Environmentally Friendly Hygiene Solutions

Elab Chemicals Ltd is a Company serving food industries and institutions with Cleaning, Sanitation, food safety and infection control, process water treatment products and Chemical application consultancy services. We deliver comprehensive programs and services to the food and Beverage processors, hospitality, healthcare, government and Schools, commercial facilities, and Vehicle cleaning industries. For the customers, we customize products, advises them on chemical applications best practices, application equipment and programs to ensure they are satisfied with the cleaning and sanitation needs

Purpose & Values

Making our environment Clean, Safe and healthy by providing highly formulated cleaning hygiene products and solutions that are Effective, Economical and Friendly to people and Environment.


To be a Global Brand by providing World Class Quality Products and Hygiene solutions that are economical, effective and friendly to the environment



  • We manage our operations with care to ensure good health of our people, their safety and developments
  • We continuously improve outcomes to build bright future for generations to come
  • We drive economic growth for our customers, employees, shareholders and communities by providing customers with quality products and services that create value and protects capital assets thereby delivering superior value.
  • We strive to make the world Cleaner, Safer and protects the limited natural resources.
  • We maintain safe processes that protects all stakeholders
  • Socially, we advance social wellbeing of people
  • We deliver all above Efficiently, Economically, and Environmentally friendly manner (3Es).

Why ELAB Chemicals

Competition requires each company to optimize its production efficiency at the lowest cost. Elab being a specialist in cleaning, sanitation, lubrication and general chemical applications, has the responsibility to ensure your processes function optimally. This responsibility also includes selecting and using the appropriate Chemistry, procedures, programs and advise where some unnecessary costs can be removed from the overall supply chain.

Safety, Health and Environment

We improve safety, conserve resources and reduce waste throughout our business and for our customers with the goal of keeping people safe, lowering the total cost of operations and reducing environmental impact.

Expertise and Innovations

We have highly experienced scientists and service experts who have served the industry for over 30 years. We earn customers for life through on-site services and innovative technologies, personally delivered. We bring unlimited resourcefulness to the challenge of limited resources and deliver positive economic, social and environmental outcomes.

Our Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

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